Tea Time Magic

Tea Time Magic

With the heat wave and people causing fires, to double standards and trends highlighted on the stories of Black people, to things opening too fast and shifted realities, to advocacy for self and community/business/health, and all the other things in between and present….tea time is necessary, even if it’s a quick minute in the midst of tea.
Cheers to Mother Earth for keeping us grounded in its reflections of how we treat it and each other 


How to Make Sun Tea

What do you do when it’s 102 degrees outside…you make sun tea 

Take your favorite Teas With Meaning blend and depending on the size of your glass container, add teaspoons of tea and fresh cold water into glass container. Seal container and place in a sunny spot in your home or outside. Let steep between 2-4 hours depending on how hot of a day it is. Once blend has reached desirable color, pour into glass with strainer over ice, and enjoy tea time. If you prefer not to strain, you can place loose leaf inside biodegradable brew bags and place in cold water glass container. 

Cheers to tea time!


 Grateful to share my story alongside some amazing entrepreneurs!

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Save the Date: Tea Party

September 22, 2021
Oakland, CA
You won't want to miss this!

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