Gift Bag of 3

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Discover the perfect sustainable gift for tea enthusiasts with our handcrafted sustainable gift bag. Inside, you'll find three signature organic tea blends in a share size, each offering a delightful tea experience.

  1. Caffeinated Loose Leaf Blend: Our premium caffeinated black or green tea blend boasts a captivating aroma and a rich, invigorating taste. Sourced sustainably, this blend is perfect for those seeking an energizing tea experience.

  2. Herbal Loose Leaf Blend: Embrace the soothing essence of our herbal infusion, carefully crafted with a harmonious blend of natural herbs and botanicals. This caffeine-free option provides a calming and refreshing tea moment.

  3. Fruit Loose Leaf Blend: Savor the vibrant and sweet flavors of our fruit blend, blending organic fruits and botanicals to create a delicious and naturally caffeine-free tea.

Each share size bag is thoughtfully designed to brew a minimum of 5 cups of tea, allowing you to relish the flavors over multiple tea sessions. You have the freedom to adjust the brewing strength, making each cup a unique and personalized experience.

Beyond the delightful tea blends, our sustainable gift bag goes the extra mile with biodegradable brew bags, promoting eco-conscious brewing practices. And that's not all – as an extra treat, we've included a pre-packaged sample tea (not pictured), perfect for enjoying tea time on the go.

This thoughtfully curated gift bag is not only a wonderful present for loved ones but also a meaningful way to share the magic of tea time with others. Give the gift of exceptional tea blends and sustainable practices, making every cup a moment of warmth, joy, and connection.