Brew Cup Of Tea

Tea Brewing

  1.  Boil fresh water over the stove or in electrical tea kettle

  2.  Add one tablespoon into tea infuser, brew bag, or your favorite tea kettle filter

  3.  Really allow your tea time to steep...respect the process.  Between 4-7 minutes is the perfect brewing time of a TWM blend

  4.  Remove the infuser or brew bag and set aside for a second steeping, TWM encourages resteeping the same day, even if you re-steep and store tea in a mason jar in the fridge to have iced or reheated for later, do not compost leftover team without getting full use of the herbs. (To learn more about alternative ways to use leftover tea, subscribe to TWM newsletter or contact us)

  5.  Serve in your favorite mug or pour over ice

  6.  Try without honey or your favorite sweetener for a more organic experience

  7.  Cheers! ENJOY! Have tea time with others! Sip slow...create an experience, with meaning!