• Magic is Our Main Ingredient

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One teaspoon makes a lot of magic!

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The Magic of Tea Time - Kamilah's Story Growing Teas With Meaning

Sip Slow...With Meaning

Teas With Meaning is committed to providing organic loose leaf tea blends and authentic tea experiences. Developed in the heart of Oakland.

Best tea hands down!

"Best tea hands down! So flavorful and rich. I can't decide if I like it cold or hot, guess it just depends on the weather. My favorite thing to do is share a cup or two with a friend, and watch their reaction. They delightfully ask where I got the tea just about every time. I love it!"

Pen Harshaw

High quality ingredients and flavorful combinations

"I am OBSESSED with these teas. Communi-tea is one of my favorites. Have you ever had a sip of something and felt like you were sipping on actual magic? Because that’s what my experience always is with Teas With Meaning. High quality ingredients and flavorful combinations"

Alysha English

They have the tea thing figured out masterfully!

"Teas with Meaning hands down is THE best loose leaf tea experience I have had. Made with love and tons of magic, the flavors lightly coat your palate with a powerful yet not overbearing tea experience. They have the tea thing figured out masterfully!"

Fern Stroud

I don't think I'll ever buy teas from anywhere else...

"Best teas you will ever taste is an understatement. I don't think I'll ever buy teas from anywhere else because they are delicious, organic, and so flavorful you don't need to add anything to enhance or sweeten the taste. I've shared them with my family and they love TWM too!"

Jasmine Curtis

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Teas with Meaning is BIPOC owned utilizing good food principles as members of the Good Food Guild