About Kamilah

Kamilah Mitchell is a founder, educator, and author committed to doing everything in life with meaning. With Meaning, LLC was founded in 2010 as a diverse platform for people inspiring purposeful change within their communities. In 2018, she expanded her brand with Teas With Meaning following a cancer diagnosis the previous fall. It was on the land of Mount Shasta, California where she realized all the herbs and magic she needed to heal were at her fingertips. Every herb in each tea blend was intentionally created to highlight the various wellness properties without compromising taste.  

When it comes to education, Kamilah has been assisting and supporting young adults for over a decade. Her approach is authentic and always encourages empowerment. From classrooms and juvenile detention centers to her non-profit charitable organization and hosted events, Kamilah has proven success in her many approaches to building lasting relationships and inspiration in the lives of young people. As an education consultant, Kamilah provides curriculum strategies and ideas, private child care assessment, and customized lesson and action plans to address the needs of your specific audience of young adults. Kamilah also offers program and initiative development, school and/or youth event planning, and much more.

At the heart of the With Meaning, LLC brand is intention, purpose, and wellness. Whatever Kamilah does professionally and personally is...with meaning. Kamilah is a fearless leader and doer and giver. Surviving a brain tumor and now cancer has shaped much of her life. Starting Teas With Meaning in the midst of such a diagnosis is a testament to her spirit and resilience.

Kamilah Mitchell is a proud Ohio native who has resided in Oakland, CA for the past decade.