About Us

Teas With Meaning

Kamilah Mitchell is a founder, educator, and author committed to doing everything in life with meaning. With Meaning, LLC was founded in 2010 as a diverse platform for people inspiring purposeful change within their communities. In 2018, she expanded her brand with Teas With Meaning following a cancer diagnosis the previous fall. It was on the land of Mount Shasta, California where she realized all the herbs and magic she needed to heal were at her fingertips. Every tea blend was intentionally created to include various wellness benefits without compromising taste.

Teas With Meaning is an organic loose leaf and tea infused products company based in Oakland, California. “Magic is the main ingredient,” Mitchell often says. The magic of her teas are that they have multiple uses outside of an organic, fresh cup of tea to sip. Whether in baths, yoni steams, your favorite yogurt or plant compost, TWM herbs can be enjoyed after the initial brew. TWM also sells handcrafted ceramic mugs, tea-infused chocolates, tea-infused custom candles, wood-burn coasters and more; as partnerships and collaborations with other women and/or black owned small businesses.

In four short years TWM has collabed and partnered with over 75 businesses that include but aren’t limited to Whole Foods, ESSENCE, Target, Twitter, Salesforce and Google. We’ve been featured on Beyoncé.com, ESSENCE, Vanity Fair, Netflix’s Jingle Jangle, Buzzfeed, Shopify, Black Joy Parade, and Bravado for Dreamforce by Salesforce. Kamilah has been able to use her gift of gab to build lasting relationships with restaurants and retailers in the Bay Area and throughout the nation where her tea is sold. 

Fall 2021, Kamilah announced she was cancer free. Choosing plant and herbal medicine to support her on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical journey of a cancer diagnosis showed the journey to wellness through tea time is tried and true. The intention of Teas With Meaning continues and will always be wellness, healing and self-care.

At the heart of the With Meaning, LLC brand is intention, purpose, and wellness. Whatever Kamilah does professionally and personally is...with meaning. Kamilah is a fearless leader and doer and giver. Surviving a brain tumor and now cancer has shaped much of her life. Starting Teas With Meaning in the midst of such a diagnosis is a testament to her spirit and resilience.


Tea Blends

We are proud to have 20+ proprietary tea blends. Some of our best sellers are: 
Cheers Tea is an uplifting organic loose leaf herbal tea blend
Grandma's Flowers is a comforting organic loose leaf fruit blend
DiviniTea is an awakening organic loose leaf black tea blend

Seasonal Blends

Each season Teas With Meaning is proud to introduce 3-5 custom blends with organic seasonal ingredients, both herbal tea blends and black or green tea blends, using the best ingredients from farms around the world.