Spring Forward With Teas With Meaning


It’s a wrap for the first quarter of the year — and Teas With Meaning was working! Let’s see: We were added to the shelves of Five Flavor Herbs and Fourteenth Street Market. We were featured in Vanity Fair, HerCampus, and BRAG at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Black History Month and Women’s History Month. As a Black woman-owned business, we’re honored to be recognized during both. We partnered with our longtime collaborators, Black Joy Parade, for the fourth year in a row. 

Remember in the Winter newsletter when we said this year we would be where the money resides? We didn’t lie! We were awarded a few grants to help build out the expansion of Teas With Meaning. Huge thank you to the companies and organizations who believe in our mission enough to help fund the vision. We also partnered with organizations we can’t name here because the moving parts are still...moving. All in all, we tried new business ventures, we continued to collaborate with our community, and we attracted money for the growth of our business. We started off the first three months of 2021 hard in the paint. Now, we’re about to go harder.


Bottled teas are back, baby! That’s right. You can get your refreshing, already brewed bottle tea at Mandela Grocery Cooperative in Oakland. One of our main focuses this quarter is re-releasing bottled teas with a local pickup and delivery option in the Bay Area. We have the opportunity to utilize the facilities of a community kitchen, so we’re going bigger and harder. Businesses are slowly but surely reopening, so we’re always looking for opportunities to display our products. Restaurants, wellness centers, yoga studios, spas — any business that is in alignment with the TWM brand, we want to have a conversation about possible collaboration.

We are also proud to announce our partnership and custom blend created for and with Black Vines. This wine inspired tea is great hot, chilled, or made into a spritzer. Great for those who are looking for a non-alcohol alternative or for those moments after enjoying drinks with your people. Also, be sure to check out our new Spring seasonal blends at www.withmeaning.org.


Our first in-person pop up in over a year was yesterday at Thrive City at the Warriors Stadium, where we received a lot of love and made some major connections. TWM is blessed to be growing so rapidly in the three years we’ve been in business. And with growth comes the need for a winning team. We’re looking for either an Operations Manager or Executive Assistant who is aligned with our brand’s mission and vision. Don’t forget, for Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation Day, and Father’s Day, we have tea offerings for you to sip and share with those you love. We will continue to expand our product portfolio with tea essentials. And as always, if you or anyone you know is looking for tea for a gift, a retreat, a private space, or to sell...we got a tea for that.


Grandmas Flowers is my favorite tea blend. I specifically and specially made it in honor of both of my grandmothers. The blackberries and berries are a reminder of my maternal grandmother, whose homemade blackberry cobblers were the magic of Easter dinners. The apples and caramel are a reminder of my paternal grandmother, whose apple slices were a staple of our after school snacks. This blend, delicious when hot or iced, is the flowers to my grandmothers who taught me strength, resilience, and love on so many levels. Now I reminisce on all they taught me as I sip slow.