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 Have a special time with those you love 💕

Our hot chocolate bundle is perfect for the holidays and as we head into winter.  This magical bundle includes 1 small bag of a loose leaf blend, 1 medium bag of a loose leaf blend, a Hot Chocolate stick with ingredients from a TWM blend, brew bags and teaspoon.

Tea Bundle with Chocolate Stick (small/medium tea)



As we transition into winter, keep your immune system strong and respiratory system clear with some of our herbal blends.

Starting and ending your day with tea time is just the warmth you need on the daily! Here at Teas With Meaning we have several blends with various medicinal properties without compromising taste 🍵

Honor your body through this season, a lot of people sniffling and we haven’t fully transitioned into winter yet. Teas With Meaning has a tea for that and magic is our Main Ingredient ✨

Try these magical herbal blends for immune health:

Sunrise Herbal Blend
Sunrise Herbal Blend
GuaranTea and QualiTea
GuaranTea and QualiTea
$15.00 - $30.00


Customer Reviews and Feedback is Our Cup of Tea! 

How do you like your tea? Please consider leaving product reviews within our website or on Google to support the magic of tea time for others not familiar with Teas With Meaning. We love and appreciate the continuous support and share of tea time. But KNOW that you can also email to share feedback, suggestions, collaboration and partnership ideas, and more. 

As we continue to brew up magic here at Teas With Meaning we are grateful for community support and tea time with each of you.

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