Our New Collaboration is Magical✨

What Happens When Chocolate and Tea Combine….

There’s a tea for that is an understatement! 😏 Our new collaboration are decadent chocolates with another woman owned magical brand Charlotte Truffles.

These artisan treats are handcrafted by our family Charlotte Truffles with ingredients from some of the fan favorite Teas With Meaning blends ✨

Since the first day of Fall these bars have been going fast. Don’t miss out on this yummy🍫

Chocolate Bars: Tea Infused Yumminess

Chocolate Bars: Tea Infused Yumminess

Solace: A dark chocolate bar made with TWM Solace rooibos blend with cherry, peppermint and sage

Harvest: A white chocolate bar made with TWM Harvest rooibos blend with honeydew, apple, anis, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and black pepper

Almond Brittle: A white chocolate bar made with custom TWM rooibos blend with almonds

Winter Solstice: A dark chocolate, hot chocolate stick made with TWM Winter Solstice fruit blend of apple, plum , cinnamon, hibiscus and magic


Holiday Gift Ideas....We Have A Tea For That!

Holidays are quickly approaching! Please consider Teas With Meaning for your gift guides, boxes & product lists in need of tea time 💕🍵✨

Tea time just hits different when magic is the main ingredient