Hello Fall🍂: Teas With Meaning Quarterly Newsletter

October 2021                                                                     FALL  ISSUE


Teas With Meaning Quarterly Newsletter


What’s In This Issue?

  • Dear, Summer
  • Ws In The 4th
  • Holidays A’Coming!
  • Founder’s Message



We know, we know  — summer’s over and it’s officially fall! And fall is our favorite season. Everything about fall warms our spirit: leaves changing colors, reaping the harvest we’ve sown, our founder’s birthday month. Fall is THAT GIRL! But before we get into the Teas With Meaning fall fruitfulness, we have to first reflect on all that blossomed this summer. Summer was an abundant time for TWM as a brand and business. We saw all the seeds we planted in spring bloom. Our new restaurant placements at Poppy and Seed in southern California and Gadabout in Chicago are a reminder that our community extends to every corner of the globe. If you build the product with love and integrity, the people will come.
For Black Business Month in August, we did as we’ve always done — support Black businesses! Y’all know what time it is. We’re not new to this, we’re true to this. We collabed with Gourmonade, ​​Black Joy Parade, Gold Beams, Black CannaJoy, and StoreFront Records by Fantastic Negrito to name a few. Shoutout to all the great collaborators we’ve been blessed to work with. We had a blast facilitating an “Herbal Create Your Own Blend” workshop at an amazing women’s wellness retreat. Our feature in the San Francisco Business Times, “Brewing magic for the Bay Area community,” raised visibility for TWM’s goal to open a community tea lounge in Oakland. Stay tuned on that for sure! Folks were outside this summer, so we stepped out for events like our Popcom pop shop location at the Metreon SF.
We salute our new team members and amazing production assistants for joining the TWM team. Summer, like life, wasn’t without its growing pains and lessons. The wildfires and high heat were challenging, but we pressed through to help our community and preserve the flowers and herbs you all love. Summer was good to Teas With Meaning. Now we’re able to fully turn it up a notch during our most glorious season. It’s fall, baby!



Ws In The 4th

We jumped right into celebrations in the month of September. It’s the fourth quarter and only right we honor the Ws we’ve been putting on the scoreboard. Our sold out in-person and virtual Tea Party was a major success. The success of this Tea Party was to celebrate the founder and the brand she’s built from the ground up. It will be memorialized in our founder’s heart forever. Can we be real with y’all for a minute? The Tea Party is one of our most cherished highlights since Teas With Meaning was founded in January 2018. Our deepest gratitude and appreciation for everyone who showed up in-person or virtually. Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who continues to believe in the magic of Teas With Meaning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


It’s almost a wrap for 2021. But before we say goodbye to 2021, first, the holidays. And even before the holidays, we want you to fall in love with our fall blends. Our “Autumn” blend is our freshly harvested mixture of carrot flakes, hibiscus, blackberries, and more. The seasonal “Fall Equinox” caffeinated blend black tea, rose petals, and some other magic. Pull out your most coziest blanket, favorite mug, pour a cup, and sip. We are excited to introduce new tea blends and some delicious collaborations like our chocolate collection that you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned for all the other magic we’re cooking up. And as we prepare for the holidays and gift giving, shop Teas With Meaning for your loved ones.



On October 15th Teas With Meaning will be starting a crowdfund to secure a tea lounge in Oakland, CA.