As an Education Consultant Kamilah Mitchell is available to provide curriculum strategies and ideas, private child care assessment, customized lesson plans as well as action plans to address the needs of your specific audience of young adults. Other services available include program and initiative development, school and/or youth event planning, and much more. 

With Curriculum:

Proven to build relationships, improve attendance, increase interest, advance school culture and climate, while effectively impacting the overall school experience; Mitchell has transformed the lives of young adults across the nation with her school and program curriculum.
Using evidence-based lesson plans, engaging activities, and a unique framework for successful youth-centered presentations relating to culture and climate, our school curriculum is designed with young adults in mind. 
By utilizing tools from her own experience as a student and teacher, Kamilah Mitchell is able to understand the student perspective along with restorative justice and social and emotional learning practices, all of which are incorporated in her lesson plans. Curriculums are gender specific and tailored to meet the needs of young adults in 1st-12th grade, covering a variety of topics such as:

*Nutrition * Film and Feminism * Student Leadership * Dance * Mentoring * College and Career Readiness * Literacy * Social Action * Private High-Profile Child Care development and more

With Meaning LLC has accomplished many successful events, facilitating, sponsorship and activities centered around and for young people:
-City Wide Back to School Field Day
-Drama Club
-Step Team
-Dance Team
-Public Service commercials against Tobacco, Bullying, for nutrition, LGBTQ, and more
-Youth Rally against city violence
-Youth demonstrations for Student Voice
-Restorative Justice circle with Oakland mayor and city officials
-Writing club
-Student showcases


To schedule a consultation or create a custom service, feel free to contact us via email.