Teas With Meaning is More Than a Business πŸ’•

7 years ago Tommy Boi Studios was one of my student leaders who I witnessed find love and joy in Pendarvis Harshaw's photo journalism class. Jump to a couple of days ago when I was supporting his business by getting photos of TWM ceramic mugs, unaware of the live footage and video he was capturing, until he shared this footage, his magic ✨

Outside of Teas With Meaning, I have had the honor to be an educator. I have been teaching in schools and juvenile detention centers for over 15 years. As much as I often miss being in the classrooms with our young people, I’m grateful I have the opportunity to still have strong relationships with so many of my former students throughout the nation πŸ™πŸΎ

I am proud of you Tommy Boi, I am grateful for our tea talk and you sharing the flow of your creativity, I am blessed to sip and share my tea times with amazing people like you 🍡

Cheers to reminding me….Teas With Meaning is more than a business πŸ’•