It’s tea time 💕🍵✨

Got Your Tea Party Tickets Yet?

Teas With Meaning is excited to celebrate and share a special announcement at our Tea Party in Oakland on September 22nd.

This special event will be hosted both in person and on zoom. In person tickets are limited to honor social distancing and the intimacy of the big announcement we will be sharing.

Dinner, video and announcement, followed by a champagne toast…and of course unlimited tea! More details and tickets available on the website and link below.

Tea Party Menu

Tea Party Tickets


Two Restaurants Welcome Teas With Meaning

You can find Teas With Meaning tea blends in two new restaurants:

Poppy & Seed in Anaheim, CA serves upscale American small plates + cocktails in a modern greenhouse setting.  This restaurant features refreshing and innovative takes on American classics.  

Featured TWM tea blends: DiviniTea, Sunrise, Summer Solstice, Splendid 
Gadabout in Chicago, IL is a restaurant rooted in the notion that street food is the culinary embodiment of a city’s culture.  Their mission is to build a dynamic list of sustainable practices in their restaurant and throughout the community.

Featured TWM tea blends: Seventh Heaven, Cheers, Grandma’s Flowers, DiviniTea, Bloom
   Last Chance to Get Your Summer Blends
As we head into fall, grab your favorite summer blends before they are no longer available! 
Fall Blends coming soon!

Royal Tea

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Summer Solstice 

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Cool Down

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