With Meaning

Spring Tea Collection

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Spring forward with Teas With Meaning in this delicious tea set. These 3 teas are only available for a limited time and sure to be a perfect addition to your tea collection and/or a perfect gift.

Equinox is a magical organic loose leaf tea with Pu-erh, cinnamon, honeybush, cacao nibs, and magic. This is a caffeinated tea. 

Bloom is a refreshing organic fruit tea blend with apple, pineapple, marigold blossoms, and magic. Perfect as an iced or hot tea.

Spring break is a balancing organic herbal tea blend with rooibos, honeybush, chocolate, coconut shreds, Moroccan mint and magic.

These 3 teas make between 36-45 bags of tea. This collection comes with biodegradable brew bags and each bag can be re-steeped creating 72-90 cups of tea.

Sip slow...with meaning